Guild Rules

  1. Respect all guildmembers, other players, guilds and SWG:Legends Staff.
  2. Become part of the guild community. For this, it is best to have no alts in other guilds.
  3. Do not discuss politics or religion in Guildchat or on our Discord.
  4. Do not cheat; always follow the SWG:Legends Terms Of Service. This includes having only one account per person.
  5. Do your best to contribute to the guild.
  6. You can ask questions about the game at any time. But we also encourage you to inform yourself online.
  7. Don’t be greedy, or an elitist, or stupid.
  8. Don’t bounty hunt guildmembers without their consent. Don’t bounty hunt same faction players during PVP. Don’t attack inside the affiliated buff houses as listed on our Discord/pvp.
  9. When buying or selling, start in the guild Trade channel. Often a good deal can be found within the guild.
  10. Have fun!