Guild Cities

Darker Waters on Talus is our offical guild capitol, offering all possible municipal services including a crafting experimentation bonus. It was founded in November of 2004 and recreated on SWG:Legends. Mayor Rees has been in office since the summer of 2005.

Mos Deadvlei on Tatooine is our second largest guild city. Xiiren is mayor here.

A bit more obscure is Wacken, in the sands of Lok. Gothicwookie is the big boss here.

New Seswenna, also on Talus. Mayor Tukk.

Qaestar Town on Talus, near the shore of the south sea. Mayor Tulius.

New Azaki on Talus is a DNA Laboratory. Mayor MeanKty.

As you can see, our takeover of Talus is almost complete!

Filius Gladii, a rebel town on Rori. Mayor Auke.

Paradise on Naboo. Mayor Shudder.

We also have Mos Threeki on Tatooine. Mayor Curee.

Guildmembers are welcome to move in to any of these cities. Just contact the city mayor for more information.